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Explore the enticing world of The Skandi Selection's cocktails in this captivating image. Discover the artistry behind our premium Margaritas, Brambles, Bees Knees, and Gins, crafted with the finest Australian spirits. Indulge in the perfect blend of flavors, as these ready-to-drink cocktails deliver an unrivaled drinking experience. Elevate your senses and embrace the taste of excellence with The Skandi Selection.


The Skandi Selection is a premium Australian cocktail brand that offers high-quality ready-to-drink cocktails for connoisseurs and beginners alike.


With a curated range of classic and

innovative cocktails, like Margaritas, Bramble, and Bees Knees, along with our own brand of gin, all carefully crafted with premium ingredients, The Skandi Selection elevates any gathering into a memorable


With our ready-to-drink cocktails, you can effortlessly enjoy the art of mixology without the need for expertise.


Explore our selection and let us bring the perfect balance of flavor and convenience to your cocktail moments.


Discover the difference of The Skandi Selection – where premium ingredients meet ready-to-drink perfection!


Discover our latest arrivals: Margaritas, Brambles, Bees Knees, and Gins.


Crafted with premium Australian spirits, these ready-to-drink cocktails redefine excellence.


Elevate your experience with The Skandi Selection's newest additions. Welcome to a world of exceptional cocktails in Australia.

Unleash your taste buds with The Skandi Selection's tantalizing cocktails. Savor the rich flavors of our handcrafted Margaritas, refreshing Brambles, classic Bees Knees, and smooth Gins. Experience the perfection of Australian spirits combined with high-quality ingredients, delivering a cocktail experience like no other.
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The Skandi Selection - Your Destination for Exquisite Ready-to-Drink Cocktails in Australia. Discover our handcrafted Margarita, Bramble, Bees Knees, and Gin made with the finest Australian spirits. Elevate your bar game with our convenient, top-notch cocktails.


Shop our premium spirits and explore cocktail recipes to inspire your inner mixologist. Experience the perfect blend of taste and quality with The Skandi Selection.

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